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Mali Hotels

List of All Mali Hotels per Region


Hotel El Farouk Bamako

Laico El Farouk

Laico l’Amitie Bamako

Radisson SAS Hotel

Azalai Hotel Salam

Hotel Plaza

Le Grand Hotel

Olympe International

Appart Diarra Palace

Hotel Le Refuge

Hotel Le Relais

Hotel Mande

Hotel Mirabeau

Hotel Nord Sud

Hotel Residence Kome

Hotel Massaley

Hotel Les Colibris

Hotel le Rabelais

Hotel Chaumiere

Hotel Tamana

Hotel Le Campagnard

Hotel Dafina

Hotel Kountena

Hotel Le Djenne Bamako


Hotel Campement

Hotel Djenne Djenno


Campement Hotel Sangha

Hotel Kanaga Cheval Blanc

Hotel La Falaise


Kamankole Palace

Hotel Khasso


Hotel Kanaga

Hotel Ambedjele

Hotel Byblos

La Maison Rouge

Hotel Flandre

Hotel Y A Pas de Probleme


Hotel Auberge

Hotel Djoliba

Hotel Esplanade

Hotel Independence

Hotel Teriya Bugu


Hotel du Cinquantenaire

Hotel Zanga

Maïssa Hotel

Hotel Tata

Hotel Touban

Hotel Wassoulou

Hotel Ikhlass Sikasso


Hendrina Khan Hotel

Hotel Colombe

La Maison

Hotel du Desert


A journey to Mali, offers intrigue. From the Sahara Desert in the north, to the savannas of the south, this once famed West African empire still holds many reminders of an affluent and intellectual past. The ancient cities of Djenne and Timbuktu were significant hubs for trans-Saharan trade, and played major roles in Islamic scholarship and history. Djenne is famous for the world's largest mud-brick architecture, the Grand Mosque of Djenne, while the fabled Timbuktu is renowned for Sankore University a hallmark in the city's history of academia. Segou, the former French colonial capital lies near Sekoro, which was at the heart of the Bambara Kingdom founded by King Biton Coulibaly. And not to be outdone, Dogon Country, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, provides mysticism and fascinating villages built on cliff-edges. Mopti, known as the Venice of Mali because of its location where the Bani and Niger Rivers converge, is the perfect setting for a relaxing sunset sail in a traditional pinasse/pirogue.

Mali Hotels

Mali has a wide variety of accommodations to suit every guest's budget and special requirements. Hotel choices range from luxury 5-star properties to small family-owned and managed guesthouses. High-rise 5-star Bamako accommodations such as the Radisson SAS, Laico l'Amitie, Salam and Laico El Farouk have a western appeal that caters to guests in elegance and style. Grand Hotel and Olympe are 4-star Bamako properties that offer quality lodgings at competitive prices.

Comfortable and affordable 3-star Bamako accommodations include Hotel Mirabeau, Hotel Nord Sud, Hotel Massaley, Plaza Hotel, Nuima Belleza, Residence Kome, Le Refuge and Le Relais. Travelers in Bamako, who have a lower budget, can find comfortable and affordable lodgings at 2-star properties like Hotel Tamana, Le Campagnard, Hanadi, Hotel Royal and Les Colibris.

Guests can still sojourn in comfort outside of Bamako. Near to Segou, 3-star hotels such as Hotel Auberge, Hotel Independence, Hotel Djoliba and Esplanade Hotel are all equipped with amenities for the comfort of travelers. Also, close to Segou is Hotel Teriyabougou, which is a treat for lodgers who want to relax in a unique Malian atmosphere. Djenne's Hotel Djenne-Djenno captures authentic Malian culture, while captivating its visitors. Campement Djenne and Maafir offer places to refresh, relax and dine when visiting the Grand Mosque of Djenne, the world's largest mud-brick structure.

Mopti boasts the 4-star hotel, Hotel Kanaga. However, the 3-star Ambedjele and La Maison Rouge, and the 2-star Ya Pas de Probleme and Hotel Flandre are also popular accommodations for travelers to Mopti. The Dogon Country villages of Bandiagara and Sangha provide good accommodations to relax at Hotel La Falaise, Kambary Cheval Blanc and Campement Sangha after a day of trekking in the area. The journey to a place faraway, Timbuktu, presents the visitor with accommodations such as La Maison, La Colombe and Hendrina Khan, and Hotel du Desert, which are fantastic properties to unwind after a day in the desert and a camel ride.

Other destinations offer rest along the way when touring Mali. Sikasso has 3-star Hotel Maissa and 2-star Iklass Hotel, while Kayes is the site of the 3-start Hotel Kamankole.

Mali Weather

There are three distinct seasons in Mali. The temperature during the dry winter season from October to March is in the mid 70s°F with cold nights. It is followed by extremely hot weather until June with temperatures averaging more than 90°F. The rainy season runs between June and September with mid 80°F temperatures.

Mali Travel Facts

  • Excursions filled with mystery and intrigue
  • Home of legendary Timbuktu
  • Ancient traditions and customs maintained
  • More than 50 ethnic groups
  • English widely spoken
  • Good quality accommodations
  • Easily accessible flights from Europe and North America
  • Visa available to visitors upon arrival

When you visit mystical Mali, the land of Timbuktu, Dogon Villages on steep cliff edges, the worlds' largest mud-brick architecture, the Djenne grand mosque, and more World Heritage Sites, spend the rest of the day relaxing in a comfortable setting which can be traditional or modern, with international cuisine or local specialties, with internet or without, but always comfortable.

Mali Hotels

From the Sahara Desert in the north, to the savannas of the south, Mali offers a wide range of scenery.


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